kayak anchored at lake como

How to Anchor a Kayak

Anchoring your kayak is an essential action when you are partaking in kayak fishing. Because of how lightweight a kayak is, the wind can easily blow it and pull it in another direction. This is especially annoying when you have found the perfect...

person kayaking through a canyon

What Shoes To Wear Kayaking?

Nothing beats a summer day when you’re out on the water, and kayaking is a great sport to keep fit and explore the outdoors. However, for your safety when you’re out kayaking, you need your feet to be protected from the elements and any terrain you...

how to not tip a kayak

Avoid Capsizing: How Not To Tip a Kayak

Kayaking is an amazing sport and a great way of staying in shape. But kayaking can also be quite dangerous for someone unfamiliar with how to remain safe while doing it. One of the most pressing issues a person has to consider while kayaking is...

tips for kayaking alone

7 Safety Tips for Kayaking Alone

Kayaking is both a relaxing and refreshing sport that millions of Americans enjoy each year. It is a unique combination of relaxation and exercise while getting you out into the wide-open waters or rolling ocean waves, still lakes, or sleepy rivers...