Best Running Trails in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL is home to a few great running trails. When conditions are right, the weather can be ideal; sunny and hot with a cool breeze blowing in off of Escambia Bay.

The city has several parks that have beautiful trails designed specifically for runners, including the Navy Point Waterfront Path. These spots offer breathtaking views of the Gulf Coast and some challenging hills for running enthusiasts who like to challenge themselves in new ways each time they run.

Our Favorite Running Trails in Pensacola

1. Historic Downtown & Waterfront Route in Pesacola Florida

running trails historic pensacola fl

The Historic Downtown and Waterfront route is a premier course for runners that want something different. The route starts off on a scenic path around the waterfront, which takes you past historical landmarks from the area’s past like Pensacola Lighthouse and Fort Pickens.

Moving inland, you will run through downtown with its old buildings and unique architecture of the city before finishing back along the beachside boardwalk. This is one of several courses in Pensacola; it will appeal to people who love running alongside water or within historic areas.

2. Perido Bayou Trail

If you are looking to enjoy a more nature-oriented experience while running, the Perido Bayou Trail is for you. Located in Sebring Florida, this trail was handcrafted by volunteers and opened to the public in 2014.

The main attraction of this 10 mile trail is that it loops around Lake Jackson. This feature makes it ideal for runners trying to train indoors or gain practice on long distance runs outside without worrying about getting lost when they get too tired to continue on their own.

3. University of West Florida Trail

Students and residents of Pensacola, Florida have adored this running trail. The University of West Florida has added a trail that runs around Lake Tharpe to their campus. This is the perfect place to run if you are looking for something close by or if you need somewhere to escape from the busy city centerrunning on the trails in pensacola florida

4. Sand Pine Loop & Big Lagoon Observation Tower

The Sand Pine Loop and Big Lagoon Observation Tower Trail is a 2.8-mile loop that begins off of the West Road near Ocala National Forest’s headwaters.

The trail passes through sand pine scrub, hardwood hammocks, tropical flatwoods, and open prairies before ending up at the observation tower by Big Lagoon.

This trail has been rated as moderate in difficulty due to its length and some uneven terrain. It should take you about an hour and 30 minutes to complete if you are running at your usual pace; however, it can be extended

5. Bayview Park & Bayou Texar Loop

Bayview Park & Bayou Texar is a 2 mile loop that runs through the heart of Downtown Pensacola. It’s perfect for beginning runners, or anyone looking to get in a quick run while visiting our city.

We love the Bayview Loop because it doesn’t require any planning and has great scenic views!

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6. Navy Point Waterfront Path

Navy Point Waterfront Running Path is a 2.5 mile loop that runs along the Pensacola Bay waterfront in downtown Pensacola, Florida. It’s paved and it’s completely free for anyone to use!

Navy Point Waterfront Running Path extends from the Spinnaker Tower Road all the way to Five Flags Speedway road. If you’re into running or walking as a form of exercise get outside today and enjoy this scenic path on your next jog or stroll!

7. Bay Bluffs Boardwalk Trail

Bay Bluffs Boardwalk Trail is one of the finest running trails in Pensacola Florida. The trail follows a narrow channel between the Bay Bluffs and North Bay, giving runners an up close look at nature as they run.

This three mile trail offers plenty of options for those looking to add new scenery to their training regimen.

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